Friday, November 16, 2007

2007 Camps are upon us

This blog is about to be cleansed! With this year's camps only a couple of weeks away, it's time to wipe the slate clean and start again.
For the curious, hints and helps will be posted here in the next couple of weeks.

If you find this blog and are going on the camp, leave me a message in the comments box and let me know where you're from.

The Cool School Race Camp rewards initiative.

Good luck.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Scores

Well, Here it is people, the scores and final results from the 2006 Cool School Race Camp.
My thanks go to Stu Robinson from Busso for compiling the scores.
As I mentioned yesterday we had to make some alterations to the scoring system to accommodate the fact we hadn't been able to properly judge the red paper clip challenge and because only three teams made it to Kings Park by the end of the race deadline we adjusted the scores for that, with most teams scoring 50,000.
The penalties had a big bearing on the result, particularly the 50,000 point penalties for not getting the 4 Required Pictures and for not getting to Camp Site 2 on time, especially for groups who were more than 15 minutes late.

Congratulations to the top two teams who both came from Duncraig and were separated by just 2000 points at the end although Team 12 who came second incurred 60,000 penalty points!!!!!

The winners were team 13 on a final score of 365,000 having only been penalised 1000 points over the whole camp.
The members of Group 13 were:
Natalie Archibald
Jessica Bell
Brett Downing
Robert Freudendal
Sara Joer
Maree Starcevich
David Thompson and
Evan Webb
Congratulations guys, you did a superb job in a tough competition.
I'll arrange to drop off the trophy and the winner's cheque sometime in first term.

Team 7 from Carine finished 7th (I love those kind of stats!) on 287,000 but would have finished much higher if they hadn't been penalised a whopping 106,000 points!!! for missing the CS2 deadline and not getting the 4 Required Pics!

Special mention should go to teams 21 and 18 from Busselton who finished in the Top 5 on 328,000 & 305,150 points respectively. (Their penalties were pretty low and would not have affected their final placings) they maximised their performance throughout the camp, well done.

On the other hand, team 23 from Busselton finished last on 129,8000 but had the highest penalty points of any team, losing a massive 108,000 along the way! If they hadn't lost those they'd have climbed about 10 places in the final rankings.

Newton Moore's highest team were group 16 who finished 10th on 273,500. They had two students from Busselton in their group so the whole team did very well to work together and they had a great experience.

Margaret River's highest placed team were group 25 who came 14th, just ahead of team 26 by less than 2000 points.

Place Group School Score
1 13 Duncraig 365,000
2 12 Duncraig 363,000
3 3 Carine 343,000
4 21 Busselton 328,000
5 18 Busselton 305,150
6 5 Carine 296,000
7 7 Carine 287,000
8 4 Carine 284,000
9 9 Carine 280,000
10 16 NMSHS 273,500
11 8 Carine 267,000
12 1 Carine 256,000
13 6 Carine 251,000
14 25 MRSHS 241,200
15 26 MRSHS 239,800
16 19 Busselton 237,700
17 11 Duncraig 228,500
18 14 Duncraig 227,000
19 17 Busselton 213,300
20 10 Carine 209,000
21 2 Carine 194,000
22 20 Busselton 193,400
23 22 Busselton 179,600
24 15 NMSHS 175,100
25 23 Busselton 129,800

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You can take whatever you want on the camp but some things are going to be a lot more helpful than others

It may sound obvious but just in case you haven't thought of it, the most useful item you can bring with you on the camp is a current street directory. You'll be going all over the city taking photos, and trying to find the two campsites, you'll need maps.

And So It Begins Again

It is about 6 weeks until the 2006 Cool School Race Camp and this is a new blog put out in cyberspace for the curious and resourceful. As a reward for your initiative in finding this blog before the event there will be some clues and hints posted here in the weeks and days leading up to the camp.

I love puzzles so get your thinking caps on, Working things out beforehand may be a big help once the camp begins.

Don't forget too that there will be regular updates during the camp with useful information for those who take the time to look for it

I'm anticipating there being about 200 kids on the camp this year, with teams from Busselton, Carine, Newton Moore, Balcatta, Willetton and Duncraig competing.

Good Luck!

BTW I had a CSRC blog last year which was discovered by about half a dozen people before the camp and then added to during and after the camp. I have deleted it because it would have been too helpful to anyone who found it now.